Using Bebe Trek magnetic sun covers as a pram shade

Great as prams are, they don't always provide enough shade and parents are often reaching for muslin swaddles or blankets to cover the pram. This can be hazardous, as fully covered prams can increase the prams internal temperature and cause heat stress. Also, muslin isn’t sun protective - the fabric lets much of the UV radiation go through to your baby’s skin.

Bebe Trek’s Multifunctional magnetic sun covers block over 98% of the sun’s UV rays, providing excellent sun protection. Plus, they easily attach to prams and can be configured in a variety of ways to ensure plenty of airflow.

Magnetic ease

Say goodbye to pram clips or awkward swaddle knots. Bebe Trek sun covers have four magnetic corners, securely sewn into the fabric, which attach directly onto the pram canopy or around the pram frame. 

Parent facing prams

This pram configuration is ideal when you’re after great shade and maximum airflow. Recline the baby seat, secure one side of the magnetic sun cover to the pram handle, stretch the fabric over the canopy and secure the other magnetic ends to the pram. 

World facing prams

Secure the sun covers magnetic corners around the pram frame, draping the fabric over the canopy.  Either roll the fabric up to create airflow gaps, or re-configure the sun cover to make an opening.

Directional pram shading

The sun cover’s bamboo fabric has received high air-permeability ratings on independent lab tests meaning the covers have superb air-flow. However, for added safety, we recommend using your Bebe Trek multifunctional magnetic sun cover as a directional shade cover.  This means blocking the sun where needed, and leaving gaps and openings to allow air to flow freely.

Make use of pram air vents 

Many prams have the ability to open sections of the canopy to reveal meshed air vents. Utilising this pram feature is a great way to add extra airflow when using the Bebe Trek sun cover.

Evaporative cooling method

You can help keep your baby cool in the pram by using the Bebe Trek sun cover as an evaporative cooling system. Wet the cover, so it is damp (not dripping) and cover the pram (still leaving airflow gaps). As the water evaporates from the cover, it absorbs heat from the surrounding air, cooling down the interior of the pram. This natural process mimics the way our bodies cool down through sweating. For even more effective cooling, pair the damp cover with a pram fan. The airflow from the fan enhances evaporation, maximising the cooling effect and ensuring your baby says comfortable even on the hottest of days. Ensure you keep the cover damp, by re-wetting every 20 mins or so.


With these simple and effective solutions, you can enjoy outdoor adventures with your little one while keeping them safe from the sun and heat.