Our story

I’m Anna, founder of Bebe Trek and designer of our multifunctional magnetic sun covers and baby sun suits. 

I have always loved travelling and exploring the great outdoors and decided the adventures don’t have to stop after having kids. So my husband and I kept at it, heading on road trips and camper adventures whenever we could with our now two young minis. But we found a lack of products specifically designed for outdoor baby adventures - so we decided to design our own!

We decided to first tackle a common dilemma I faced when babywearing my newborns outside: how to protect them from the sun, when they can't use sunscreen. I used to drape muslin cloth over their exposed limbs, until I discovered muslin doesn't provide adequate sun protection. After much research, I discovered the incredible natural UV protection properties of bamboo while still being lightweight and breathable. Independent lab tests on the fabric confirmed a UV protection factor well above 50 and superb air-permeability. A simple, versatile, multi-use design was all that was needed, and after much prototyping at home, the multifunctional magnetic sun cover was born.

  • Me using a muslin swaddle to protect my daughter from the sun while on an outback hike - before I reaslised muslins are not UV protective.
  • Working on an early prototype design at home while on maternity leave with my daughter.
  • Testing the end result, the Multifunctional magnetic sun cover, during a bushwalk to balancing rock at Girraween National Park, QLD.

We’re working behind the scenes on other innovative products to help make outdoor adventures with babies easier and look forward to sharing those with you. We know first hand with young ones, just getting out the door can be a challenge. But the adventures that await are so worth the effort. Bebe Trek is here to help make those adventures a reality.

Our commitment is to provide parents like you with top-quality products that enhance your outdoor experiences while keeping your little ones safe and comfortable. We look forward to sharing more exciting developments with you and being a part of your family's journey as you explore the world together.