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Sun Safety

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How protective is my Bebe Trek Multifunctional Magnetic Sun Cover and sunsuit?

Our sun cover fabrics have been independently lab tested and awarded the highest UV protection rating possible: UPF50+. This means our covers provide excellent UV protection, blocking over 98% of the suns damaging UV rays. 

What is UPF and why is it important?

UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor and it's important because it measures how much UV radiation can get through fabric and reach your skin. There are three UPF ratings for sun protective clothing in Australia. All Bebe Trek products have been awarded the highest rating possible: UPF 50+

  • UPF 50+ offers excellent protection, blocking over 98% of UV radiation, helping to prevent sunburn and skin damage. 
  • UPF 30 provides good protection 
  • UPF 15 provides minimum protection. 
  • Anything under UPF 15 is not considered sun protective. 

What chemicals or additives are used in Bebe Trek products to reach UPF 50+ protection?

None! Bebe Trek’s products offer excellent UV protection without the use of any UV additives or chemicals. Our sun covers exceptional UV resistance comes from the inherent properties of our bamboo fabric. Bamboo is naturally equipped with anti-UV properties while remaining incredibly lightweight and breathable. You can trust in the pure and natural sun protection that our products provide.

What is the difference between UPF and SPF?

UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) measures the level of protection a fabric provides against harmful UV rays from the sun, while SPF (Sun Protection Factor) is a measure of protection for sunscreen applied to the skin. UPF relates to clothing and fabrics, while SPF is for skincare products.

My baby and I are wearing clothes, why bother with UPF rated accessories?

A typical summer cotton t-shirt has a UPF rating of 5-9 which is not sun protective. 

You wouldn’t lather on SPF 5-9 rated sunscreen and consider yourself adequately protected from the sun - so why rely on just your clothing?  Sunscreen is a solution, but isn’t recommended for babies under six months. Bebe Trek multifunctional magnetic sun covers are a quick simple solution for sun protection on the go. 

Can’t I just use a muslin cloth?

Muslin cloth, while light and breathable, is not effective at sun protection. UPF ratings of muslin fabrics are generally very low (can be less than 5) meaning harmful UV rays can penetrate through the fabric and cause sunburn or skin damage. 

Bebe Trek multifunctional magnetic sun covers are specifically designed with UPF 50+ fabric to block over 98% of UV radiation, offering superior sun protection compared to regular cloth. Our fabrics are also ultra-lightweight, breathable and air-permeable making them ideal for summer. 

Do I only need to use my Bebe Trek cover in summer?

While sun protection is especially crucial in summer, UV rays are present year-round. It’s advisable to use your Bebe Trek cover, or alternative UV protection, whenever your child is exposed to the sun, regardless of the season.

How else can I protect my child from the sun?

In addition to using your Bebe Trek cover, consider these sun protection measures:

  • Apply child-safe sunscreen to exposed skin (if your child is old enough).
  • Dress your child in sun-protective clothing, including a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses.
  • Seek shade during peak sun hours.
  • Keep your child well-hydrated.
  • Educate yourself about sun safety guidelines and stay informed about UV index levels in your area.

Is Bebe Trek's UPF 50+ rating independently certified?

Yes. All of our fabric has been independently lab tested by the Australian Government's Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) and granted UPF 50+ certification.

Does a UPF 50+ rating mean I only need to use these products for sun protection?

Bebe Trek's UPF 50+ rating only relates to the areas of skin that our products cover. Accessories not in direct contact with skin do not provide protection against reflected or scattered solar ultraviolet radiation. Manipulations involved in manufacturing such as stretching or sewing may lower the UPF rating. For optimal sun protection our products should be used in combination with other sun protective clothing that carries a UPF rating and classification in accordance with AS 4399.

Multifunctional magnetic sun covers and straps

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Is it possible for your magnets to fall out and pose a safety risk to my child?

Our magnetic snaps are encased in a layered pouch and sewn into the product multiple times so they are inaccessible to babies, toddlers, and children. It would take serious tampering to reveal the magnets or remove them. If a pouch tears or rips, please discontinue use of the product and contact us.

Can the sun cover go in the washing machine and dryer with the magnets?

Yes. Our Multifunctional magnetic sun covers can go in both the washing machine and dryer. Ensure you snap each magnet together before putting it in the machines though and use a cold wash and cool/delicate dry cycle. High heat can damage the magnets. We recommend washing in a laundry bag too.

What are the different ways I can use my Bebe Trek sun cover?

It’s not called multifunctional for nothing. Here are some of our favourite ways to use Bebe Trek magnetic sun covers:

  • snap around your baby carrier straps and protect your baby’s bare arms and legs
  • extend your prams shade canopy
  • attach to car frame for a super-quick window shade
  • hang between trees or other objects for a portable shade sail
  • use as a nursing cover
  • capsule sun shade
  • wear as an outdoor sun cape
  • protect your arms / legs from sunburn while driving

Check out our inspiration page for more ways to use.

What is the supplied strap for?

The strap has multiple uses too:

Apron mode: Hook the strap’s carabiner ends around two of the sun cover’s top fabric loops and place the strap around your neck. This creates an ‘apron’ and another way to use the sun cover. Great when you’re carrying baby in arms. 

Shade sail mode (works best with multiple straps): Loop the straps around a tree branch or other object (pram, pole, chair etc) and secure to the sun cover’s corner loops to create a makeshift shade sail.  Great when you can’t find a shady spot for baby to rest or play.

Other uses: Check out our inspiration page for more ways to use.

How simple is it to use the magnetic sun covers?

Super easy!  The magnetic corners connect and fasten on their own making it quick and simple to secure around objects, clothing or your body.

Forget ties that take ages to secure and turn into knots.  Or traditional snaps that can be tricky to connect. Magnets are a fuss-free solution that makes baby sun protection a breeze.  

Can I use it during my baby's nap time?

The Multifunctional magnetic sun cover has been designed as a day time accessory and is not intended or recommended to be used as a sleeptime swaddle.

Always supervise your baby when using the magnetic cover as a drape, blanket and while your baby is sleeping.  Be sure to keep your baby’s fingers and toes clear of the products fabric loops and follow all current SIDs guidelines. 

Does the cover provide good airflow?  

Absolutely! We've conducted independent lab tests on our Bebe Trek multifunctional magnetic sun covers, and the results are clear: our fabric is highly air-permeable. This means that it allows for excellent airflow, ensuring your baby stays comfortable while enjoying UPF 50+ sun protection.

Is it safe to be used as a pram shade cover?

Our fabric has received high air-permeability ratings on independent lab tests meaning the covers have superb air-flow. For added safety, we recommend using your Bebe Trek multifunctional magnetic sun cover as a directional shade cover.  This means blocking the sun while leaving gaps to allow air to flow freely. Thanks to our innovative magnetic corners, adjusting the cover direction is a breeze.

Research has also shown dampening fabric covers with water and using a portable fan can lower the temperature inside the pram.

Remember, always keep an eye on your baby, ensure they don’t pull the cover free and cover their face, and adhere to all SIDS guidelines

How do I safely use it with a baby carrier?

The sun cover is safe to use with baby carriers when used responsibly.

Never cover your baby's face with the sun cover and always follow the TICKS rules for babywearing.

Tight - The carrier should be tight with your baby positioned high and upright with head support. Any loose carrier/sling fabric may cause your baby to slump down, restricting its breathing.

In view at all times - You should always be able to see your baby’s face by simply looking down. Ensure your baby’s face, nose and mouth remain uncovered by the carrier, sun cover and/or your body. Babies have suffocated while in slings and carriers.

Close enough to kiss - Your baby should be close enough to your chin that by tipping your head forward you can easily kiss your baby on top of its head.

Keep chin off the chest -Ensure your baby’s chin is up and away from their body. Your baby should never be curled so that its chin is forced onto its chest as this can restrict breathing. Regularly check your baby. Babies can be in distress without making any noise or movement.

Supported back - Your baby’s back should be supported in a natural position with its tummy and chest against you. When bending over, support your baby with one hand behind its back and bend at the knees not at the waist.

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What are the benefits of the bamboo fabric?

Bebe Trek's bamboo fabric offers a multitude of benefits for your baby:

  • Incredibly Soft: Our bamboo fabric is buttery soft, making it perfect for your baby's sensitive skin. It provides a gentle touch that keeps your baby comfortable all day.
  • Sweat Absorbent: Bamboo efficiently wicks away moisture, ensuring your baby's skin stays dry and comfortable throughout the day.
  • Cool and Breathable: Micro-gaps in bamboo fibres provide superior ventilation, keeping your baby cool.
  • Anti-UV Protection: Bebe Trek bamboo fabric shields your baby from harmful UV rays, blocking over 98% of the sun's radiation.
  • Hypoallergenic: Bamboo is gentle on sensitive baby skin, avoiding allergic reactions common with other natural fibres like wool.
  • Durable & Long-lasting: Derived from bamboo shoots known for their durability, our bamboo fabric ensures your Bebe Trek products withstand wear and tear.
  • Eco-friendly: Bamboo is one of the planet's most renewable resources, growing abundantly without pesticides. Bebe Trek's bamboo fabric is biodegradable, promoting sustainability.

If you still have any questions, please reach out to us.