Baby sun protection for outdoor adventures

Bebe Trek has the only UPF 50+ sun cover with four magnetic corners and carabiner tabs for instant and versatile sun protection for your precious mini. Designed to attach to any baby carrier or pram with magnetic ease.

Give your baby all day protection with our extra long full-body UV protective sunsuits, with a loose fit for better airflow on hot days.

Both made from buttery-soft, ultra-lightweight and breathable bamboo fabric.

  • UPF 50+ Excellent UV Protection. Naturally, no chemicals

  • Multi-Use. Ideal with a baby carrier, pram & car

  • Ultra-lightweight, breathable and air-permeable bamboo fabric

  • Quick and simple to use with unique magnetic design

Versatile and simple

Our UPF 50+ magnetic sun covers have been designed with outdoor baby adventures in mind.

Perfect to pair with your baby carrier, pram or car for quick, lightweight and breathable UV protection.

The only sun cover with four magnetic corners and carabiner tabs for endless uses.

Ways to use your magnetic sun cover
UPF 50+ baby onesie

Pair with our baby sunsuit

Baby under six months and can’t use sunscreen? Give your baby all day UPF 50+ sun protection with our full body sunsuit. Its extra long design is perfect for babywearing, ensuring those precious feet are covered. The loose fit means plenty of airflow on hot sunny days or room to layer up in winter.

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By adventure loving parents

With two young kids, we know first hand how challenging simply getting out the door with a baby can be, let alone going on an outdoor adventure.

But the memories you'll make in the great outdoors with your mini will be worth the effort and we're here to make the journey easier for you, every step of the way.

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A mother looks at her sleeping baby in her car seat, protected from the sun with a Bebe Trek Multifunctional magnetic sun cover hanging from the grab handle