Using the Bebe Trek magnetic sun cover as a car window shade

Those pesky sun rays can turn road trips into a nightmare when light gets into baby’s eyes. Easily block out the sun with Bebe Trek’s multifunctional magnetic sun cover.  Rated UPF 50+, it blocks over 98% of UV rays, making it excellent sun protection for your mini in the car.

To cover the window, simply wrap the magnetic corners around the grab handle, head rest bars or seatbelts. No knots, clips, or wedging between a closing window required. 

If your car has an exposed metal window frame, you can attach the magnets directly onto the frame. 

Unlike some window tints and other shade accessories, the Bebe Trek sun cover can be positioned off the window, creating a gap so you can still check your blind spots. And if you want to lower the window a bit for some air, the sun cover will stay in place and keep shading your baby.

Why do babies need UV protection in cars?

Glass reduces UV radiation, but it doesn’t block all UV rays from coming through. Babies and adults can get skin damage if exposed to the sun for long periods, so sun protection is required if driving for long stretches.

Laminated windscreens and tinted windows provide good UV protection, however plain glass used in car side windows let a lot more UV rays through. If your windows aren’t tinted and are spending a lot of time in the car, the Cancer Council recommends using a combination of sun protection measures, like long clothing, sunglasses and sunscreen. This can be difficult when it comes to babies though, so UPF 50+ window shades are a simple and easy option.

The Bebe Trek Multifunctional magnetic sun cover also makes a great pram shade, baby carrier shade and portable shade sail.